Beowulf. Did the idea of holes in the plot never occur to people in the 11th-12th century?

This poem is awesome (in the traditional sense of the word) only because it is sooooo old. I read it for 2 reasons: A) I’ve been trying to interject classic books that are commonly referenced into by repertoire and B) I wanted to read a book called Grendel that has been sitting on our bookshelf for years but thought I might miss the joke if I didn’t first read Beowulf.

Overall, it was a little bit of a tedious read. It skipped around a lot between family lineage and the actual story of Grendel the monster and the story was hard to follow sometimes. Either major parts of the story were lost when the original was burned OR the idea of holes in the plot never occurred to people in the 11th-12th century (?somewhere in that time frame, I can’t remember). All I can say is thank goodness for footnotes and a family tree or reading it may have been a complete loss.

Source: Goodreads. Summer.


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