Frankenstein, or, the Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelley: The women are all weak.

I was once subjected to hearing a giggling women wax lyrical about this book, the supposed heroic Frankenstein, the evil monster and the wonderful love story. I feel she was perhaps reading the ‘edited for five-year-olds’ version because the real book is nothing like that. Ostentaciously worded and over dramatic, Shelley’s descriptions have you reaching for the Gin before you’ve even finished the initial letters. Her ‘hero’, Frankenstein is an arrogant, chauvanistic imbecile with a worrying desire for a girl brought up as his sister even though he admits he always considered her to be “mine”, again the possessiveness is disturbing. The women are all weak, doe-eyed creatures who pause only in their devotion to fulfilling chauvanism to faint every now and again. The manner in which all her lead characters support the view that an ugly person must be evil and deserve to die leads me to conclude she was quite an advocate of this tainted, ignorant opinion herself. I had to read this at A Level and anyone who thinks there’s any romance or heroism (other than in the monster, her one excellent character) should remove their rose-tinted glasses before reading it again.

Source: Amazon. Sasha “B” Daisy.


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