The Odyssey, by Homer: Better left at sea

I thought this book would be great, an interesting adventure and my first step into the literary world of Greek classics. But after this, I am not rushing out to buy another Greek classic.

The story is good, and the interesting mythological creatures and encounters are what kept me reading it. The characters make a square look less two dimensional and I can’t, in all honesty, say I liked the good ones. I found Odysseus very arrogant and the gods hypocritical and the actions of them morally questionable. The style was also patronizing in places, by always addressing characters with an adjective describing their character, which we should make our own minds about, and not be force fed what we should think of them.

Perhaps if I was born at the time this was written, I might have enjoyed it more, however, in this century, I can’t understand what is particularly good about it as a piece of literature. Therefore, for a good novel in its own right, avoid this.

Source: Amazon. James Barker.


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