Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen: She uses too many words.

Jane Austen’s writing is very strange to me. She uses too many words. Some of it makes sense while others don’t. Jane Austen tends to write about characters who she wants to be. Jane Austen isn’t of any royalty but how she so wants to be. She talks about the royal family and England and their wives. Jane Austen wanted to marry somebody like that. I just wished they didn’t all so closely relate. She tends to talk about romance and marriage in all her books. It’s too bad she doesn’t write about people plain and simple. Another thing is how much of it tends to run together. I find it hard to tell who is speaking. The first few chapters tend to give information about Fanny’s life. There is no dialogue for a while. Jane Austen tries to be too fancy in this book which kind of ends up spoiling. Her time doesn’t really appeal to today’s. The women in this book tend to be helpless. The men in the book are all rich. This book is dull and boring. Jane Austen makes it sound too sappy. This a mediocre book that way too filled with romance and nothing else. It is painful reading the book.

Source: Goodreads. Darcy Stewart.


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