Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen: What a way to ruin a potentially good story!


I’ve gotten past the language by now, but my goodness! I mean, seriously….does she really need to spend 15 chapters setting up a play that never takes place?! (mansfield park). And her ENTIRE novels are the (very slow) build up to the “who ends up with who” and then the climax of the story gets NARRATED (and not very well) in the very LAST chapter! What a way to ruin a potentially good story! You can’t keep track of who is talking – internal thoughts get quoted so you think things are being said out loud that of course never would have been said out loud – and while I appreciate the look into the past, I would probably like it a lot more if her books were about 100 pages long, instead of 200+!! I now understand why her books have been made into movies over and over again – to save people from the boredom and frustration of reading them.

Source: Goodreads. Keia Traina.


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