The Great Gatsby, by F Scott Fitzgerald: The symbolism that the book is based on is plain boring.

This is book full of symbolism which can be endlessly analyzed for its metaphoric plays on colours, characters, street signs, lights, clothing, repeated phrases and just about everything imaginable. This in itself usually adds to the quality of a book but in this case it becomes a burdensome and mediocre task in trying to unravel the meanings in this book. It comes down to the fact that in my opinion the symbolism that the book is based on is plain boring, I do not care about green lights, or white dresses, or street signs that are on the side of the road. I wish that these metaphors that are supposed to point the way to the deepness of human character could be based more off of things of substance just as interesting as the substance of human character. Maybe it’s the metaphors but I also found every character boring and uninteresting as well. I could not put down the book and say to myself that “so and so was truly a great man/woman”, and so I leave the book uninspired and none the better in my own character.

Source: Goodreads. David Uerkvitz.


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