North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell: There was no romance far, far into the pages.

Oh how I wanted to love this book! I would’ve even settled to like it. I gave it up when there was no romance far, far into the pages. I was so tired of hearing dialogue about striking, without anything else happening whatsoever. PLEASE SOMEONE tell me to go back to it because the second half totally makes up for it! At least with other period plots there is wittiness to entertain. This was just so boring to me. I hope one day to pick it back up again with different eyes.

Source: Goodreads. Jenlbot.


One thought on “North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell: There was no romance far, far into the pages.

  1. Oh dearie. This is by far my favorite romance story. The problem for many is that you have to pay attention to everything Margaret is doing (not just saying) and what she’s dealing with emotionally to see what’s really going on. All her defenses begin falling fast very soon after he comes to declare his love. And she’s a goner after she realizes he has saved her from the police inquest. By then, Margaret must struggle to hide her feelings for him even from herself because it’s too painful to think of the mischances that have ruined her chances (she thinks) for happiness.
    The anguish that both of these would-be lovers go through is delicious torture. And all that union talk is window dressing for showing the reader that no one has all the answers. Both Margaret and Thornton’s strong views have their points, but it is something in the middle – some kind of working compromise that allows some level of respect and understanding between dependent parties – that will help humanity progress in the future. There are so many hopeful message contained in this book, plus a love story that brings two very lonely and good people together. It’s a wonderful, wonderful book! 🙂

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