Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell: Women are not that slimy and bitchy take my word for it

1037 pages. do i need to say more? ok, how about 1037 pages of a miserable raging evil bitch for a protagonist? i didn’t liked ANY of the other characters- they were all either bitchy, whiny, or slimy and the protagonist was all this rolled in one.

i wonder how this piece of unadulterated CRAP became a classic. this book is so not worth the hype! it did not debate about the suffer, misery and hopelessness of the civil war neither about the situations of those times it was like, the civil war had been thrown in as a reference. Scarlet was a whiny, conniving miserable human (or is she even worth being called that?) and I don’t care if she “only did what she had to do as a woman.” women are not that slimy and bitchy take my word for it. She didn’t have to treat Ashley or Rhett or ANYONE the way she did, she feels no remorse for all her misdeeds. she is truly a devil’s pawn and her heart is as black and burned as a lump of coal in fact, i wonder whether this woman had a heart at all?

i will not recommend this book to anyone, not even my enemies, as even they don’t deserve such eternal torture.

Source: Goodreads. Mriga Kumar.


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