Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck: Just as soon as I thought something interesting was going to happen, it didn’t.

Of Mice and Men was not really a good book. I got tired of reading. I thought it was really boring, it was pointless, and the action was nowhere to be found.

I thought it was really, really boring. A book about two guys that need each other. People need each other everyday! When it started and it talked about Lennie being mentally challenged, I thought “this book might be ok,” but when I was reading, I just wanted to put the book down. The title really was it for me anyway, but it was an assignment so I had to do it. I’m am not really a reader anyway, so when I read something it has to be really interesting.

This book was meaningless! I found no point in this “art work”. I say this because there wasn’t really anything going on. Ok, there were little things with Curly’s wife. Soon as she came around things were so wrong and messed up. She caused so much trouble, wow. The storyline was corny!

Last but not least, there was no action. There parts in the book where Lennie “hurt” people. The part where he crushed Curly’s hand and when he snapped Curly’s wife’s neck, but that is nothing major. Just as soon as I thought something interesting was going to happen, it didn’t. That’s just like getting on a kiddie rollercoster. You think you are going to go up and drop really fast and scream with excitement, but instead its just rides in a circle all the way around. Its a “oh ok” instead of a “yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!”

In conclusion, I despise “Of Mice and Men”. It was one of the worst books i ever read. The movie was alright, but as for the book…it’s corny, it’s boring, and it was no action! People want to ban books for fantasy, they need to ban this one for being boring. It is cruel and unjust punishment and should not be read ANYWHERE!!

Source: Goodreads. 4Georgia.


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