The Stranger, by Albert Camus: That’s a sad bastard way to live your life.

I hated this book and wouldn’t consider it worth burning. It might suck the life out of the fire.

I read this book in High School and hated it with such a passion I still remember it (11 years later). I was initially interested in it because we were studying philosophy and after a few questionnaires and stuff like that I was tagged as being an existentialist. From the way they described it it sounded about right and I was looking forward to reading a book centered pretty heavily around that. I was greatly disappointed when we started the book, but wanted to give it a chance, but it (like the main character) never really got going.

I may be wrong but my take on existentialism isn’t sit around bored and lazy all day until something external changes your life. If this book is what existentialism is about I’m an anti-existentialist.

Moving past the philosophical frustrations I had with it, the story itself is not very good. There’s only one big event that happens in the whole story and the rest of it is the main character whining incessantly about anything and everything despite not having a particularly bad/hard life. It may rain today so I’m not going to go out and do anything. My girlfriend wants to have dinner with friends/family (or something like that) but I don’t want to do anything. That’s a sad bastard way to live your life. Camus once said “there is only one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide” I wish he would have done it and save the world from this stupid waste of paper.

Source: Goodreads. Toshi.


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