Stephen Crane, The Red Badge of Courage: I’m just thankful that it was a quick read

So, hey. There’s this guy. His name’s Henry, but that’s not really important. He really wanted to join the army, cuz, well, that’s what all the cool kids were doing. So he did. And hey, who doesn’t wanna blow shit up? I know I’d wanna blow shit up. Everybody loves blowing shit up.
Anyway, so yeah. That happened. They all sat around for a while, and then there was this one fight, and then there was this other fight, and some stuff happened. Nothing to get excited about. And oh yeah, after that there was this other thing.
And now, I’m gonna describe the way the MAGNIFICENT SUNBEAMS HIT THIS BEAUTIFUL SHARD OF DECAYING, MAGGOT-INFESTED TREE BARK IN GLORIOUSLY POETIC DETAIL. Y’know. Because this is a good book, and they do that kind of thing in those.

…Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

I hate this book. I really do. Maybe I missed something, but I found no emotion, dimension, or depth in it whatsoever. And maybe that makes me ignorant, but hey, so be it. I had to force my way through this droning, monotonous mess just so I could then be made to write a paper on how supposedly brilliant/amazing I thought it was.

I guess I can respect it for what it is, but personally, I’m just thankful that it was a quick read.

Source: Goodreads, Stitchen


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