Philip K Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: If he had been forced to kill Rachel, then, that could have been something

Not a fan. This was poorly written with very confusing analogies and pointless literary phrasing eg. “He sat and cogitated.” Someone was playing with his thesaurus instead of trying to write something well. The idea has a lot of food for thought: what defines the human experience. Could androids mimic empathy (which it’s worth considering, that many people who are well along the ASD scale would fail at)? The commentary on depression, while always being a good message, that it isn’t something one can snap out of, was pointless. It really had nothing to do with the story…in fact, I struggled to work out what the story was…there was no actual ending, Dick just continued to write until he got bored with his character, I suspect.

I don’t know what it was about this book that made it possible to get through it. Perhaps like “Twilight” I just kept expecting it to get good at some point. There were a few times when it did have potential. If Deckard was an android- like was a possibility for a half page after heading to the alternate precinct- that would have made a much more interesting story. If he had been forced to kill Rachel, then, that could have been something, but in e end, nothing happened. It was an entirely, and pointlessly depressing book. I then watched the movie to see if Hollywood managed to fix it, and was again disappointed. The Deckard android story would have worked perfectly in the movie, but they didn’t take it. At least the Replicants had a motive to do what they were doing, to extend their life, which was missing from he book. There really were so many ways to take the idea of this story and make it something great. Seriously disappointing 😦

Source: Goodreads, Kathy


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