Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell: Women are not that slimy and bitchy take my word for it

1037 pages. do i need to say more? ok, how about 1037 pages of a miserable raging evil bitch for a protagonist? i didn’t liked ANY of the other characters- they were all either bitchy, whiny, or slimy and the protagonist was all this rolled in one. i wonder how this piece of unadulterated CRAP became a classic. […]

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson: It’s not very good at all and it doesn’t make me think.

Reading it in school. I like how it’s written but I wish *spoiler* (as if ANYONE doesn’t know this) I didn’t know that jeckyll and hyde are the same person – it would make it more exciting. Ok it was kind of boring over all. I don’t think it should be a classic but you […]