Tender is the Night, by F Scott Fitzgerald: It was almost as if F. Scott got bored with his own random ramblings and he decided to hurry and finish it up.

If I’ve ever wanted to stop reading a book, it was this one. I hated reading it. The storyline wasn’t *horrible*…it was okay. But Fitzgerald rambled on and on and on about things totally irrelevant to situations throughout the entire book. From paragraph to paragraph, he often skipped forward or backward vast amounts of time. […]

Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck: Just as soon as I thought something interesting was going to happen, it didn’t.

Of Mice and Men was not really a good book. I got tired of reading. I thought it was really boring, it was pointless, and the action was nowhere to be found. I thought it was really, really boring. A book about two guys that need each other. People need each other everyday! When it […]

Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell: Women are not that slimy and bitchy take my word for it

1037 pages. do i need to say more? ok, how about 1037 pages of a miserable raging evil bitch for a protagonist? i didn’t liked ANY of the other characters- they were all either bitchy, whiny, or slimy and the protagonist was all this rolled in one. i wonder how this piece of unadulterated CRAP became a classic. […]

The Great Gatsby, by F Scott Fitzgerald: The symbolism that the book is based on is plain boring.

This is book full of symbolism which can be endlessly analyzed for its metaphoric plays on colours, characters, street signs, lights, clothing, repeated phrases and just about everything imaginable. This in itself usually adds to the quality of a book but in this case it becomes a burdensome and mediocre task in trying to unravel […]