As You Like It, by William Shakespeare: The characters often speak in lengthy prose passages

Surprisingly, the sex jokes are the downfall of this work. There are so many, but since they’re from the sixteenth century, you initially don’t understand them. And when you do, it’s just not funny anymore. Also, the characters often speak in lengthy prose passages that can be challenging. Source: Goodreads, Rebecca. Advertisements

Dr Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe: Marlowe could have and should have done better.

I think the plot of the play is silly. If I had sold my soul, I’d actually do something with my powers instead of playing silly practical jokes and parlor tricks. Literary-wise, I think it’s fairly well-written — I just don’t quite understand the character beyond a blatant Christian story of damnation. Marlowe could have […]

Paradise Lost, by John Milton: The whole thing is written in blank verse.

I can imagine folks reading this and enjoying it. But not me. The story lying at the heart of Paradise Lost was one I really wanted to read. I’ve heard many times that Satan is portrayed as the sympathetic figure, that he’s honest about the absurdity of rebellion against the ultimate power of God yet still so […]