Paradise Lost, by John Milton: The whole thing is written in blank verse.

I can imagine folks reading this and enjoying it. But not me. The story lying at the heart of Paradise Lost was one I really wanted to read. I’ve heard many times that Satan is portrayed as the sympathetic figure, that he’s honest about the absurdity of rebellion against the ultimate power of God yet still so […]

Beowulf: I don’t even think I want to see the movie after reading it.

There’s a chance I’m missing something here, though not a good chance. In some ways it was very in-your-face direct, and in other ways it was too lengthy, which is an odd thing to say considering it’s approximately 100 pages. Beowulf is the epitome of manliness, unlike any image of today’s “man.” (i.e. football, wings, […]

Beowulf. Did the idea of holes in the plot never occur to people in the 11th-12th century?

This poem is awesome (in the traditional sense of the word) only because it is sooooo old. I read it for 2 reasons: A) I’ve been trying to interject classic books that are commonly referenced into by repertoire and B) I wanted to read a book called Grendel that has been sitting on our bookshelf […]